Contribute in making a Library cum Resources Centre

As you are aware that in the process of development and growth, we somehow lose the connect with nature and environment that sustain & nurture life itself.

Kaaya evolved with an urge to create an alternative model of sustainable living, not to wait for solutions from outside but to do what we can at an individual or a community level and that means taking responsibility of at least our own neighbourhoods.   

However, to imagine this is one thing, but to do something about it needed not only the will but also the resources. Collectively, can we put together little by little and pass something of value to our next generation…. These were some of the thoughts and concerns that led us to imagine Kaaya as a ‘learning ground,’ a working library of sorts wherein we read, learn, share and do things that positively impact nature & environment around us.  

We got encouraged during the visit of Rakesh at Kaaya. He is a resident of New Zealand who loves the feel of Kaaya and particularly likes to spend time with local school children. This winter break, during his interaction with the kids, two insights emerged that shaped this call for action.    

  1. Children experience the natural environment differently than adults. They experience nature, not as background for events, but rather as a stimulator. The nature constantly fuels their imagination of how they can interact with the environment.
  2. The conviction and hope the students have while doing something is amazing, despite any adverse conditions they may be facing in their respective homes.

Apparently, what we need to do is to provision just the right kind of stuff, tools and support material, much of the usage will happen on its own and we as facilitators can at best join them.

We are glad that Rakesh could see the merit of such a library cum resource centre and offered to raise some initial donation. He also volunteered to provide oversight to the project and to see that the idea takes a physical form.

At Kaaya, we see this library cum resource centre as a complement to education provided in the traditional school environment and will help in developing:

  • Life skills and creativity•
  • teamwork
  • self-confidence
  • physical strength and agility

This facility will be regularly used by 180 school children of Village Tilwari & Jagatpur, and also periodically accessed by additional 360 inter-college students coming from the neighbouring 9 villages. They are connected to us through their smart eco-clubs.



We are a registered society (Charity) in India and can receive foreign donation or grants. We have a valid FCRA account to receive foreign contribution/donation directly. And we are exempt from Income Tax under 12 A and 80 G of Indian Tax laws. We are raising $20,000 to build a small library cum resource centre with a total covered area of approximately 720 square foot.

Become a chapter leader

Help us do better. Visit us to know more, take up task or a cause that can be accomplished mutually and then work towards it even after you go back. Kaaya would love to have you volunteer on a sustained basis as you see the fruits of your association takes shape during your visits. Kaaya offers you residential facilities on such visits and you can interact with those whom you are making an impact.