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Kaaya Centre facilitates opportunities to learn, innovate, create and connect with nature and communities. With the aim of promoting urban-rural connect and the spirit of conservation, Kaaya Centre and the Tilwari community run educational programs and host visitors. Visits to Kaaya are not only about experiencing closeness to nature, but also giving back in the form of time, attention, ideas and knowledge.

Much of HimVikas’s programs for children are centered around Kaaya Centre, and adjoining villages and forests.

In addition, Kaaya’s eco-tourism programs allow the communities around the centre to participate in income generating activities, while visitors get to enjoy spending time and engaging activities in a rural set up surrounded by nature. Those who spend time at Kaaya can engage in forest walks, nature photography, craft and pottery, meditation and yoga, farm living and gardening, bird watching, and learning traditional cooking.

To know more about the facilities or to visit Kaaya, click here or contact us for inquiries.