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An eventful Quarter 3 for HimVikas

July to September has been an eventful period for HimVikas. As the monsoon gave way to the slight nip of winter, we had several visitors, collaborators, and contributors. This quarter also saw the start of some exciting self-started projects in the area of community engagement and capacity building.

In the meanwhile, we also launched our new website, Visit our new website to find out more about the organisation and to read up on the direction we are heading in.

Maiti Andolan Meeting

An orientation meeting with community members on the Maiti Andalon was organised on 22 July led by HimVikas board member, Kalyan Singh Rawat. During the meeting, Mr. Rawat encouraged women and their daughters-in-law to lead the effort of planting and nurturing trees in their surroundings. Approximately 40 members, including children, participated in the meeting, following which trees were planted at the Kaaya Campus and at the government school.

Up-Cycled Cloth Campaign

HimVikas kicked-started a community-led campaign focused on capacity building and enhancing livelihood options in and around Tilwari village. The core idea of this campaign is to bridge the urban need to be more environmentally conscious and marry it with the rural need to find local and viable means for livelihood. We reached out to those who are looking to donate old, but good quality, clothes along with a nominal monetary charge. The clothes are handed over to skilled female tailors in the community who transform them into fun lifestyle objects such as bags, pouches, mobile covers, cushion covers etc. These objects are then returned to the donors for their use.

Donation Drive for Kerala Flood Relief

HimVikas led a donation drive in collaboration with SEEDS India to collect relief and rehabilitation material for those who were affected by the Kerala floods in August 2018. The donation drive was organised at Pacific Mall in Dehradun. Through this event, we were not only able to raise awareness about the situation but were also able to collect school material and cash that was sent to Kerala through SEEDS facilitators. This effort was further made possible with the participation from young volunteers who stepped forward to lend a hand.

Upcoming in Quarter 4

  • Participation in Rajpur Nature Festival
  • Upgradation of Kaaya Campus and Kaaya Farms (Mud Building Project)
  • Set up and operationalization of Media Centre at Kaaya
  • "World in Your Classroom" crowdfunding campaign towards extra curricular
  • workshop for rural schools.