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HimVikas is a not-for-profit organization, based in Tilwari village (Dehradun, India) working with the mountain communities in lower Himalayan regions. HimVikas focuses on local action and, over the years, has grown into a diverse community of teachers, learners, and doers who are committed to addressing issues of education, livelihood opportunities, nature conservation, and sustainable living practices.

HimVikas started as a school for children in a remote part of the mountain district of Rudraprayag in 1995. However, we have evolved as we responded to the needs of the community and began promoting sustainable living practices in urban and rural areas. HimVikas is now moving towards a social enterprise model with an aim to be self-sufficient in our endeavors to truly practice our principles of sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate educational experiences for rural and urban youth, and develop equitable markets that provide rural communities with better livelihood opportunities, while promoting sustainable living practices through active community participation.

Our Vision

We envision an equitable world where everyone has the opportunity and ability to attain social and economic freedom, while actively preserving and nurturing the spirit of conservation and sustainable living.

Our Expertise

For over 15 years, HimVikas has been supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable communities' to augment their livelihood in an equitable and sustainable manner. We have done this by integrating forestry, horticulture, and agriculture interventions, and by strengthening community institutions for improved access to basic services.

In the past we have implemented a project supported by Sri Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai for a watershed development program in four villages of Rudraprayag district covering around 574 ha. We also provided consulting support in micro-planning for enterprises oriented towards forestry management in 30 villages of District Chamoli for LIPH program. In 2015, the organization supported watershed planning in Uttarkashi and Haridwar districts under Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP), implemented by Forest Department and the Agriculture Department.

We have a core team of qualified professionals from the development sector as well as those with in depth experience in community development, conservation, education, and economics.